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If you want people to buy your music, it has to sound amazing. Unfortunately, most artists don’t understand how crucial music production is to the overall success of their music.Mixing and mastering are two different processes. Mixing is the process of combining all the different tracks in a song, balancing
Back when Mozzy started popping, I remember a lot of gangster rap artists were scratching their heads wondering how he was doing it. Talking about the same stuff they apparently talked about. In a sense, he did kind of save gangster rap. At least on the west coast.  It was
Having a lot of social media and spotify followers is cool, but what happens if your accounts just suddenly get removed or terminated without any warning? You would have no choice but to start all over again.  That’s the main reason why you see people with backups and multiple accounts
Having dope artwork to grab people’s attention for your releases is a must. Thanks to new a.i. technology, you can save money hiring a graphic artist and create art simply by describing what you want to see. The a.i transforms your words into unique images. It’s available now on iphone

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