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There are different types of leases you can buy for each beat. What’s the difference between them? Should you buy an MP3 lease, or should you go all the way and buy a WAV or Trackout lease? This will help you decide which type of lease is right for you.Let’s
Making it as an artist can be a difficult process. There are so many things you need to do and so many mistakes you can make. Luckily, I am here today to talk about some of the most common mistakes artists make when trying to make it in the business.Not
Just a few short years ago, if you were an aspiring music producer, it would have been impossible to get your foot in the door. You had to spend thousands of dollars on studio equipment, or you had to know the right people just to enter a professional recording space.
If you are using a beat on YouTube, and plan on using YouTube’s content id feature to monetize your video, then there is a risk that your song could be pulled off of all platforms. In order to avoid this risk, we recommend you do not use this feature unless
At the end of this article, you will be able to decide which option is best for you. We will discuss what a lease and an exclusive are as well as the pros and cons of both options.If you lease a beat, this means that other people can also lease

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